Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Grandparenting with Grace: Grace so amazing

I may continue to  struggle, or one could say wallow. In Self-pity. I am ashamed. How did I become this person I am? How did I become so ungrateful for all I have and when did I start focusing on what is missing, what I want, how it should be? My way.

I am so glad I came across and Ann Voskamp. I am certainly put to shame by her quiet thankfulness. My life is God planned, and God directed. It doesn't have to be special in the eyes of anyone except God- not even me.

I remember many times saying that, "If God would just send me a postcard telling me exactly what He wants me to do- I'd gladly do it." Well He has and I still respond foolishly. It has been spelled out clearly to me exactly what is being asked.

May I be grateful for all I have, all I will have, and the love I am capable of receiving and giving. may I truly be in awe of the trust, faith, and belief my God has shown me-may I return a fraction back.

Thank God for grace so amazing..

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