Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Grandparenting With Grace: Peaceful Times

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Seems like only yesterday this little one came to live with us and yet is almost a year. I can't believe we have come from barely being able to understand what is being requested or needed to full sentences with proper grammar and perfect word articulation. Today I wonder what my day would be like without a little one to buddy up with me and chatter my ear off. Oh, I get tired and the daily care can wear on me at times, yet I wouldn't trade it in for days all to myself. I've gotten used to the trips to the potty, my schedule revolving around meals and naps.

We start a parent child class next week and it will be interesting. I suggested they offer a grandparent child class. I am wondering if this is something I need to start on my own and perhaps have it meet at my church. It would be nice to know how to get a feel for the need of such a group in my community.

I am enjoying the flow of our days and the peace we have in our lives at the moment. It is so much easier to expend the energy caring for this precious child when things seem to be going along well and I don't have to use my energy fighting the dragon that can breathe fire and singe the peace from our lives. I really don't care for that dragon called fear. Fear of what could happen, fear of what is being threatened, fear of how technical the world is getting and how hard it is to keep a child safe because of that. There seems to be so much out there that can cause our precious little ones to be drawn into a life of turmoil and despair. Right now is a time of innocence, a time of freedom to enjoy the simplest pleasures without worrying about poor choices and lifelong consequences. Knowing I am responsible for another child and have the role of teaching, guiding, and directing as life unfolds and the years pass, is intimidating. It means I have to stay up on what is current in our world and popular within our culture. And I thought I was at an age where I could sort of just let it all slide by. Silly me.

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