Friday, February 7, 2014

Grandparenting with Grace: Another try at Tweetspeak's poerty prompt; this week it's Spanish Lace

Another poetry prompt from Tweetspeak. If you enjoy mine read more poems inspired by  Spanish Lace  here.
Her Life as Woven Lace

Julie A. Olson

It’s there woven by time on her face.
The intricate design
called life.
Each seam painstakingly stitched
as in a piece of artistic
hand-woven Spanish Lace.

The beauty in the piece she holds
has long lost precision
of edge.
Retrospection of life,
disentangled from emotion,
has worked loose
it’s intricate thread.

Recollections are all interlaced,
with those she loves
Relationships unraveled, repaired.
Crisp edges are softened and blurred
by the Creator’s original design.

These textures of living are hers.
All the joys, laughter,
and tears.
Abrupt lines yield-
sway and twirl
The cogent angle of clarity now curves.

A life woven as intricate lace.  

© Copyright 2014

 Image found @ Textile Talk by the Fabric Stock Exchange