Saturday, January 4, 2014

Grandparenting with Grace: Always struggling

I have avoided posting for such a length of time because I just struggle with this parenting the grandchild thing so much. I mean, if the child were easy, like my youngest was so easy, then the struggle would be overcomable. However, my grandchild is not an easy child. Just barely 5 and I hear,  "I don't love you." "You're not my mama anymore."  "Just throw my bed out, then I won't live here with you." So, this breaks my heart for her, as I realize she has attachment issues and is testing my responses. But my God of all gods, I am only human. I see the future 15 year old telling me she hates me. That I am not her mother and she doesn't have to listen to me.I add up all the time I am spending teaching, and caring. Running to activities, etc. and I cringe to think my only good years left in life spent for what? To be yelled at and trampled underfoot in the years to come. God have mercy. God give me strength. God please help me.


  1. Beautiful Julie. Now we can pray for her and you every time you blog! It's not easy being a parent much less parent to your g'child. I will tell a couple I know who just adopted their grandson abt your blog. God bless you for listening to God's voice and obeying!

    1. Jodee, thanks for your encouragement. Blessings to you and yours