Friday, January 17, 2014

Grandparenting with Grace: cold soul

If you're tired of Winter's frost and cold winds, here is an answer for you. Some times the frigidity of winter creeps into our souls and the only way to thaw is to turn toward the Son. 

Soul Cold
Julie A. Olson
January 17, 2014

Outside the wind is howling; whipping it up something fierce.
But inside, yeah, inside-that’s where the real wind blows.
Frostbite is forever a possibility on the inside.
And soul, if you don’t pause for a bit of Him-
Well, that’s when the drifts pile up and the cold really sets in.
Then, no matter how long you trudge,
Or which way you turn your face,
Unless you look directly at the Son
That wind will blow you right into the sub-zero frigid darkness.

There is no overcoming those cold winds on your own.
No way on your own.
And as cold settles down deep within you
You will wonder where that Son is.
And that frost-
It can harden your heart,
Biting a deep lonely pain right into your soul.
Then, before you’re even aware,
Your ability to hold onto the truth will have been obliterated.

The only way to hang onto truth
Is to hang onto Him.
That’s why He willingly opened His arms-
To hang on that cross.
The tree of life.
His death promising life.
Now that is truth.
And that truth will thaw the frost from any soul.

Clinging to Him, Who is Truth
Will keep the bite from frost,
Keep the cold frost darkness from the soul.
Out there, let the winds howl
And the drifts pile hard up.
But in here,
Here in the soul,
The wind will whisper truth.

© Copyright 2014

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