Friday, October 2, 2015

Grandparenting with Grace: Five Minute Friday-Family

I believe all families are messy, even those that look perfect from the outside are messy -and that's okay. I mean how can a number of people live within the same house and not make messes within the walls of their relationships? How can any of us pursue relationship with another and not take a misstep on occasion? From the smallest of babes to the eldest of us, we have needs and desires that clash. We often use words that hurt those we love the most, and in our imperfection we fail showing the small niceties to our family that are so easily given to others. 

Messes are a given in family life, but they don't have to be our ruination. No, instead our family messes can build our communication and deepen our relationships if we let them. All it takes is offering others our love and forgiveness, time and time again. Whether it is our biological family, or our church family, or a close group of friends-relationships need our attention and time. Family. Relationship. Important. And worth every moment of perseverance necessary to  build and strengthen the bonds.

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