Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Grandparenting with Grace: Day 5 of 31 Days of family Life-Home

My goodness how is it possible that 3 days have passed since my last post? I thought I could do this 31 days of writing every day, but it looks like I may need some "grace" in my failed attempt. The prompt for Day 5 is Home:


Home is a safe place, with warm fires and bread baking,
 and soup.
You can stretch out at home. 
Wiggle your toes. 
At home there is evidence that you exist- 
art on the refrigerator, 
books on the table, 
dishes in the sink, 
and shoes at the door. 
Home lets you experiment 
on becoming who you will be 
without giving up on who you are. 
Home offers another chance to get it right, 
even after you've done it wrong multiple times. 
A home with children is filled with grace,
children just naturally offer it -
every time it's needed. 
And I need it often.
Thank-you my precious little one.

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