Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Grandparenting With Grace: His will be done.

Six and a half  long hard years of life stolen by fear and uncertainty. Prayers whispered, prayers cried, prayers screamed-thought ignored and unheard. Pride and Selfishness via for top billing. Why should I have to pick up the pieces of some one's messed up life? I don't want to do this!!! I want to do what I want-finally now that the kids are grown and all on their own. It's time for me. I struggled, knowing what God had called me to, but not sure I was perfect for the task. I prayed to be willing. I prayed to be humble. I prayed to extinguish the selfishness. I prayed to be accepting. I willed myself to be it all. I re-buked the spirits of pride and selfishness, and so wanted to gracefully accept. HA!!! I laid it at the feet of Jesus, many times. But to no avail-- or so I thought. It is only in His time that our life unfurls in the direction He sets in motion. It is only when His work in our heart is accomplished that the frayed ends can be repaired and hold fast-standing firm against the pulling, heave and drag of the evil one's lies. We can lay it down over and over again, but until we truly relinquish our grasp over to our only True Strength-our Steadfast Rock- we will continue to struggle as He accomplishes His good work in us. When we are broken and cannot stand on our own, He will come through. When we indeed say, "His will be done." Then our prayers are answered. Soon our Grand-daughter will become our daughter. Soon the uncertainty will end and we will be secure, not only legally-but first and foremost in His hands.