Friday, December 5, 2014

Grandparenting with Grace: Five Minute Friday-Dear

Tonight's Five Minute Friday Prompt is Dear.

Oh Dear Death. Oh Dear God.  Oh Dear. It is about all I can say. When a loved one is failing, is dying, is suffering-What is there to hold on to?
Dear God!!!!
And that is about all.
All you need.
 All you want.
But. Dear. God.

Yes, Dear God come. Take my father in your arms. Wrap him safe and comfort him.
We will grieve-but we already are, please Dear God welcome him.

Dear God help me to see You in this. Dear God subdue the enemy of my father--pain.
Dear God smite the second guessing regarding care, medications, fulfilling wishes.
Oh Dear God!! Hear.


  1. Thinking of you and your family. [A fellow FMF-er]

  2. Feeling your grief here, Juliea... I remember praying something similar while watching my dad die. All I can do is echo your groans and ask for grace, extra grace, for this place of pain. For this journey. xoxo

  3. Daddy went home Sunday December 7, 2014 to spend Christmas with Jesus. He died in his sleep in the early hours on Sunday morning. Although I will miss him, I can only rejoice. . .for he has no more pain and his mind is now clear.