Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Grandparenting with Grace: Sometimes I feel Like Crying

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
So today is one of those days. I am supposed to love as Christ loves. Yet I look at this precious grandchild of mine and my heart breaks. Her mother buys a puppy to take care of, love, and live with, but her child, since it cannot be crated, is left with others. She can clean-up puppy  poop and pee, yet chose not to change crib sheets for a baby. Please pray for me that I might feel Christ's love in this situation. I need to be raised up in prayer. At times I feel I can no longer do this. Oh, it is never the child, I love, cherish, and protect the child every day. I bath, feed, and teach. Kiss away owies, wipe away tears, wipe the little butt, etc. God where is your justice? Where is your peace? I cry out for your mercy and calm to come into my heart. I am a wretched woman for the way I feel and the anger I hold within my heart. Is there anyone out there that understands? I started this blog hoping to connect yet all I hear is silence. I am alone in this journey, so very alone. God, I plead for your intervention. You are a God of miracles, how long must I wait?

     How long must I wait, oh Lord, before You intervene? How long must my heart break within me? Are You not the God of the brokenhearted? The God who hears the cry of the oppressed? Hear me, answer my cry. Reach out and save me from the slimy pool of despair and destruction. Do not allow my heart to be defiled with hate, or my soul to loose its way among the lost. I cry out for Your strength and Your power. I plead with You to answer my lament. Fill me with Your love and compassion so that You may be honored and glorified in my life. Amen.

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