Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Grandparenting With Grace: My Selfishness

Friday, September 14, 2012
So many things have been on  my mind over the past months. I have not written because I have struggled with the selfishness inside of me. I had so many plans for my time. I was entering the empty nest period of life, I could finally pursue my wants, my dreams and make them come true. I was done parenting. No more responsibility for another person's well-being. I was free!! Sigh. Not to be. Yet, that small hand in mine, that "I want my Mama (what my grand-daughter now calls me). The little face snuggling into my neck, the "I love yous" proclaimed throughout the days--what could be of greater value in life. Oh, God I pray I pass this test. Give me the strength I need to parent once again. I fall before you in utter humility and ask, "Why me? Who am I to be chosen for such a privilege as this? To once again mold a little life; to guide an innocent to You. Please be with me all the way, as without you I cannot prevail. Amen."

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